As Warmington Residential prepares to introduce Skye 22, a collection of 22 single-family homes in Toluca Lake, CA, it has committed $10,000 in the form of a community grant to support the Riverside Drive Streetscape Beautification effort.


Riverside Drive, known as the village main street, is the heart of the commercial corridor in Toluca Lake. These funds will go to Placeworks, an environment and community planning and design company, who will create a single, prototypical block to provide a roadmap for implementation of the beautification project, which will include soliciting community engagement, hosting workshops, identifying all streetscape elements, and engaging the City of Los Angeles in its feasibility planning. This effort will allow the community, through its non-profit partners, to pursue additional local, regional and state grants and private donors/sponsors to implement this plan.


The end result will be a comprehensive master plan design for improvements to a 6 block stretch of Riverside Drive that is home to small storefronts and wide sidewalks. This project is spearheaded by the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council, one of the only neighborhood councils in Los Angeles (out of 97) that is utilizing its public funding for this type of community project.

Warmington Residential is pleased to play a role in these enhancements to the downtown village center along Riverside Drive, which will benefit residents, visitors and area businesses in Toluca Lake.

To learn more about this transaction please contact William Inghram at 831.383.8083 or email at winghram@warmingtongroup.com.