We’re not sure who has it better. Is it the fish or the employees at Warmington’s Costa Mesa-based headquarters? For years, the building’s atrium has been home to a large and lush indoor pond, filled with a stunning collection of Japanese Koi. But recently, this fish abode got “renoed” and whoa -- what a makeover!  Actually, it was completely reimagined and took the better part of a year to complete the new and improved 32,000-gallon pond that now takes up almost the entirety of the building’s massive entry and atrium.

This “occupational oasis” as it was called when PondTrade Magazine profiled the newly completed interior pond back in May, was a labor of love and the vision of Jim Warmington, Jr., Warmington’s chairman and CEO. And it really is an oasis with its size, multi-level design and gently flowing waterfalls the Koi seem to really enjoy. The sight of contented meandering fish, the abundance of natural light, and sound of the water are dramatic yet very peaceful and soothing, offering a beautiful and almost Zen-like backdrop. In fact, studies have shown that watching fish swim helps reduce stress and anxiety, increases feelings of relaxation and decreases heart rate and muscle tension, providing a great workplace perk!

Employees and visitors alike are drawn to the pond and the fish who have become the unofficial office ambassadors. It’s definitely a very cool conversation starter and something that is unlike anything most visitors to an office space have ever seen.

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