Higher performance, lower maintenance

Warmington Residential takes great pride in the quality of its homes, and we believe that high quality and increased efficiency are one in the same. We understand that quality today is measured not just in wood and nails, but in SEER1 and HERS2 ratings, kilowatts saved, and impressive durability. That is why we are proud to offer homes that incorporate the latest in energy- and money-saving amenities. Homes that include the latest features not only take advantage of the most current technology and materials but also conserve water and other precious resources and improve indoor air quality. Oftentimes they require less maintenance, contributing to a higher quality of life.

Save Money Though Energy Efficiency
Warmington homes include the newest energy-conserving appliances. This enables residents to enjoy lower energy, heating and air conditioning costs.

Enjoy More Comfort and Better Health 
Designed to have a positive impact on families and the environment, Warmington homes have innovative features inside and out that save energy and water, all while adding to your quality of life.

Reduce Impact on the Environment 
Green building practices offer many benefits for everyone. By incorporating them, new homes are better suited to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and reduce construction waste. All good things.

1.    Energy-Efficient Appliances – Reduces energy and water usage for lower utility bills.

2.    HERS Rater Verified – 3rd party inspection of energy efficient components to ensure proper performance.

3.    High SEER/EER HVAC System – Reduces gas and electricity usage for lower utility bills.

4.    Insulated and Tightly Sealed Ducts – Reduces air flow leakage while maintaining temperature to increase efficiency of HVAC. 

5.    Tankless Water Heater – Reduces amount of gas consumed to heat water.

6.    Dual-Paned Low-E Windows – Reduce energy consumption, decrease fading of carpets and fabrics, and increase comfort. 

7.    High Performance Insulation – Ensures maximum efficiency for costs savings and improved climate control. Formaldehyde free for better indoor air quality.

1.    Smart Programmable Thermostat – Web-based management of HVAC system for convenience and optimal comfort. (select communities)

2.    Ducts Protected During Construction – Ensures clean and debris-free duct system for improved indoor air quality. 

3.    Kitchen Range Hood Vented to Outside – Improves indoor air quality.

4.    Low VOC Paints and Finishes – Improves indoor air quality, reduces environmental impact.

1.    Engineered Post-Tension Foundations – Reduces consumption of steel and concrete while providing a superior performing foundation.

2.    Engineering Wood Products – Provides superior performance using fewer resources.

3.    Low-Flow Faucets and Toilets – Use latest designs to conserve water while providing maximum performance.

4.    Construction Debris Management – At least 50% is recycled or diverted for reuse.